The Pro-Line quotation process is a no charge service designed to match you to the equipment you need at a price that fits your budget. We can come to see you at your location or you're welcome to visit us at the shop.

If you are facilitating a truck outfit for a trades person with-in your organization, we both welcome and encourage their participation in the design process.

CAD drawings showing the equipment you have selected as it will be installed in your van are also available at no extra charge. These tools are invaluable when conceptualizing a build to help visualize both the equipment and the space remaining for the larger tools or equipment you carry.



Pro-Line Distributors Inc. is in essence a truck and van equipment brokerage house. Our focus is to outfit you with what you need at the best price. While we do have "preferred" suppliers we also have learned it's important to offer a variety to our customers. On average a service vehicle is on the road for 3-5 years it's crucial that we put together a build that will serve you properly throughout that time.

The second most important day for your truck is the day we outfit the equipment. The MOST important day... is every day after that.

Van and Sprinter - Our primary suppliers for van and Sprinter interiors are ADRIAN STEEL, RANGER DESIGN, VANTERIORS and WEATHERGUARD. These manufacturers offer a wide variety of configurations , equipment and finishes (powder coat, brushed aluminum or galvanized). For your roof rack needs we recommend PRIME DESIGN DROP DOWN LADDER RACKS and the VANTERIOR all aluminum powder coat series.

Trucks - Pro-Line offers equipment from most of the major after market accessory manufacturer's. Our Truck's page is linked to several of the popular manufacturer on-line catalogues, if you can't find what your looking for just give us a call and we'll track it down for you.

Cube Vans and Trailers - Share equipment with the Dodge Sprinter. Larger shelving modules, cabinets and work benches are the more popular items, allowing these vehicles to serve as mobile workshops. Installation examples are located in our Sprinter page photo gallery.

Custom Equipment

Occasionally we receive a request for equipment that is not available as an "out of the box item". In those cases we have the equipment manufactured. Below are some examples of our custom van interiors.


Custom manufactured equipment #1. Custom Manufactured Workspace.


Manufacturers have engineers who design their equipment and also design "how" that equipment should be installed. The engineering encompasses durability and safety. The equipment is continually subjected to operator use, vibration and potentially the laws of physics in the event of a collision.

Pro-Line Distributors installations meet or exceed manufacturers installation requirements. Our primary concern is your safety while your operating your vehicle. Most manufacturers allow us access to their engineering departments - their just a phone call away and if we encounter a situation rest assured we'll make the call.

During the quotation process we explain in detail how the equipment is installed and what we do to protect the value of your investment.

Weight is always an important consideration in terms of what you might require the equipment to carry. Please let us know in advance if you think your going to be running heavy. This will aid in equipment selection, placement and installation.

Both the van and Sprinter pages contain photo galleries of some of our installations as well as printable layout guides for you to start planning your next build.

Pro-Line Distributors Inc. Value Added Service

At Pro-line we understand you're busy and that you need your truck outfitted as quickly as possible. To assist you during the build process we offer the following no-charge services.

  1. local pick-up and delivery or we'll give you a ride when you drop off the truck.
  2. Fleet consulting and project management.
  3. Graphics application, spray foam insulation, window tinting and electrical modifications can all be done at our shop while your truck is being outfitted. If you have a preferred supplier, they are welcome to work at our location or we will deliver your vehicle to them on your behalf.
  4. Multiple suppliers enable you to choose the equipment you want at a price that fits your budget.
  5. The cost of your service truck equipment can be rolled into your vehicle lease.
  6. Pro-Line follows up after the installation to ensure that you are 100% satisfied.

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